Nutrient Poor and Processed:  There is a nutrient deficiency crisis in America today. Our food is processed lacking the nutrients our bodies require and loaded with addictive harmful ingredients. Disease-promoting foods are marketed as “healthy” making the real healthy choice so confusing if not impossible to find.

Your body needs nutrients every day to grow, to repair, and to thrive. Nutrients are the secrete hard working molecules that are essential but missing from the American diet.

WHAT’S AT STAKE?  Your Dreams & Inspirations Your life. Your body is a dedicated friend. It works for you every second of every day and asks for so little in return. All it needs is sleep, a little exercise, and nutrients. Without nutrients, your best friend (your body) suffers – chronic disease, sickness, rapid aging and early death.

WHY DO WE CARE? We believe in the power of the incredible human body. We no longer trust big institutions who control our nutrition, our wellness, our health, our lives because human health has taken back seat to other agendas. The world’s state of health is at a crisis. We have created a society where many institutions benefit from poor nutrition, bad health, and early death. Today’s poor nutrition is ruining people’s lives and bankrupting our world. We can take no more. We want to regain control of our bodies, our health, our lives.

DISEASE AND DEATH CAUSED BY POOR NUTRITION. Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Premature Death, Alzheimers and Dementia. This does not have to be our fate

SEEING INTO OUR FUTURE. A Nutrient Rich World. The Nutrient Institute is devoted to redirecting the health message – to focus on nutrients because they are essential and power the human body. A healthy weight, brain, body, and mind are possible when nutrients are valued, embraced, and accessible to everyone


A world where essential nutrients are valued and embraced so everyBODY can live their dreams and aspirations with a strong body and mind


Simplify the confusing world of nutrition and health science. Nutrients are the core of human health, this single focus guides our every action and inspires the same, nutrient focus, in others

Educate the world about the power of nutrients. Science based – we spread the nutrient message through the Nutrient Density Rating (NDR) and essential nutrient education.

Succeed by bringing attention to the need for nutrients in human health. We engage, we educate, we raise awareness, and we connect people to the most important aspect of nutrition – nutrients

Inspiring Others because together, we will make a difference. The power of human ingenuity is unlimited. We hope to inspire others to join our nutrient revolution and take control of their future. Brilliant scientists and experts, caring moms and dads and people wanting to live their dreams – nutrients touch all people and every aspect of life

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The NI community shares one simple, unifying mission: Nutrients unleash human potential!

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